Medical Form Instructions

Please read and follow these instructions carefully to fill out the medical form. If the form is not filled out as instructed, you will need to redo it.

Page 1:.

If you have answered NO to all of the Questions 1 to 10, you do not need to answer any of the questions on Page 2, just fill out your name, birthdate, and have your doctor sign off on Page 3. .

Page 2:

If you have answered YES to any of the Questions 1 to 10 on Page 1, you must answer the questions in the appropriately corresponding box on Page 2, and have your doctor sign off on Page 3.

PLEASE NOTE** If the doctor puts a condition in the comment section we will not be able to accept you for training, because this is not allowed by our insurance company.

If your doctor requires further information, please have them consult this document.